Run lung and cough to eat what food is good top ten lungs and cough food list

Run lung and cough to eat what food is good top ten lungs and cough food list

Click to buy the lungs is the body’s respiratory organs, lung health is very important to the human body.

So we care for our lungs, what is good for the lungs?

In fact, it is very simple. There are many ways to moisturize the lungs and raise lungs in life. Especially the diet conditioning method is the most direct and effective protective measure. The principle of Sydney lungs: white into the lungs, so white food has a maintenance effect on the lungs.

Sydney has a large water content and is slightly cold. It can be used to moisturize and dry away heat.

  Dietary usage: can be eaten directly.

  Tremella lungs principle: the same white food, white fungus is more mellow, more suitable for people with cold body or poor stomach than Sydney, and at the same time it is beneficial to clear the intestines.

  Dietary usage: Tremella porridge: firstly, the white fungus is soaked, and the roots are chopped. After the boiled rice porridge is cooked, it is cooked for about 20 minutes, and it is best in a semi-melted sticky state.

It can also be stewed into a white fungus Sydney soup with Sydney.

  Honey lungs principle: honey glucose and fructose, the body is most easily absorbed, also contains a variety of inorganic salts similar to human serum, organic acids and trace elements, sweet, flat, into the spleen, lung, large intestine, nourish, Run dry, detoxification effect, often used to treat lung dry cough.

  Therapeutic use: warm water can be used to clear the heat.

When you wake up every morning, pour 1 to 2, and use warm water to wash open. On an empty stomach, you can moisturize your lungs and detoxify your face.

  Yam lungs principle: contains a mixture of polysaccharide protein “mucin”, has a special health care effect on the human body, spleen and stomach, Bufei Yishen.

  Dietary usage: yam glutinous rice porridge.

The glutinous rice with spleen and dampness and 50 grams of yam supplemented with lungs and nourishing essence are porridge, and the functions of supplementing the lungs are combined with men and women, but the balance of the cold and yam of glutinous rice is balanced.

  Lily Runfei Principle: These alkaloids have good nutrition and nourishing tonic. Lily also has the effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and supplementing the vital energy. It is very beneficial to people who are weak after the disease, which is very suitable for dry winter.edible.

  Dietary usage: Pay attention to the need to add fresh lily without drying, this kind of clear lung effect is best.

  Soymilk lungs principle: rich in plant protein and phospholipids, also contains vitamin B1.

B2 and niacin as well as iron, calcium and other minerals, in addition to easy to absorb, contain the substitution of methionine to prevent the displacement of muscle tendons caused by bronchitis, thereby alleviating bronchitis and reducing the burden on the lungs.

Dietary use: Be sure to boil at 100 °C before drinking to prevent poisoning.

Do not drink on an empty stomach, do not put it in a thermos bottle, do not drink too much at one time, and do not take it with drugs.

  The principle of white radish lungs: The folks have a statement of “winter radish ginseng”.

Mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber in white radish have the functions of promoting digestion, enhancing appetite and relieving cough and phlegm.

TCM theory believes that its sex is sweet, cool, into the lungs, stomach, can eliminate phlegm and relieve cough, cure lung vomiting and vomiting blood.

  Dietary therapy: milk soup stewed radish soup: After adding the water to the onion ginger, add the slightly fried radish pieces and milk into the same stew. After rotting, put the salt, which is nourishing and clearing the lungs.

You can also drink small radish soup in peacetime.

  Grapefruit lungs principle: sweet, cold, contains very rich vitamin C and insulin-like ingredients, can stomach, lungs, blood, bowel, and convenience.

  Dietary usage: Eat directly or make yuzu tea.

Grapefruit is cold, so you can’t overdose it when you eat it directly, 2 to 3 pieces.

The citron tea is made by mixing the spleen and digesting the cold, damp and damp grapefruit skin and mixing the grapefruit meat. After cooling, add rock sugar and store it in the refrigerator. It is washed twice a day with warm water.

  The principle of lotus root lungs: lotus roots into the lungs, heart, spleen.

The cooked lotus root is sweet, warm and non-toxic. The cooked lotus root can make up the heart and blood, strengthen the stomach and spleen, nourish and strengthen the lotus root, and the lotus root can be used to urinate.

  Diet Usage: Chestnut Lotus Soup: After peeling the small clams and cleaned raw chestnuts into the water and boil, change to medium heat for forty minutes, and then take it after a little cold.

You can also use pork lean meat or pork bones and lotus roots to add a proper amount of mung beans to drink together.

  Principle of grape lungs: The fruit acid helps digestion, spleen and stomach, and more beneficial elements nourish liver and kidney, moisturize the lungs, reduce fire, and pass the stomach.

  Healing: Raw food is best.

Since grape seed and grape skin have better antioxidant effects, it is strongly recommended to “whole food”, neither spit nor chewing seeds.