Do not pour off the water of the mushrooms and use more nutrients.

Do not pour off the water of the mushrooms and use more nutrients.

Li Changping, deputy director of the Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, said that during the soaking process, some nutrients will partially decompose in the water, while B vitamins and other metabolic vitamins, and have polysaccharides that enhance immunity and anti-tumor effects.

  In fact, as long as the dried mushrooms are cleaned before soaking, the soaked water can be reused.

  For example, with mushroom stew, you can even stew with mushrooms, so that the soup is more fragrant and better.

In addition, some people like to cook mushrooms with mushrooms, like to steam the mushrooms first, some kind of mushroom rapeseed, steamed mushroom water must not be dumped, can be used in the hook.

  The reporter also learned in the interview that some nutrition experts will drink the water of the shiitake mushroom directly, saying that it is not difficult to drink.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to washing the mushrooms before soaking. It is best to use pure water or mineral water to cool the mushrooms.

The mushroom water that is soaked out may have some impurities, which can be slightly filtered, or poured into a bowl for a while, and the supernatant can be reused.

  Some people like to use some small tips when making dried shiitake mushrooms. I feel that this kind of bubble is prolonged and better. Adding sugar to it is a popular fast hair smear.

In fact, dried shiitake mushrooms can be soaked in warm water. The white sugar mainly has the effect of removing mites. It is not necessary to add white sugar when soaking dried shiitake mushrooms. This also makes it easy to take away the unique flavor of the shiitake mushrooms.