Massage hot compress can delay the arrival of presbyopia

Massage hot compress can delay the arrival of presbyopia

Presbyopia, as the name suggests, is the transformation of old age, regardless of men and women, from the beginning of 40-45 years old.

If you want to keep the book far away, you can see it clearly; you like to read it under strong light; when you read a book, you often have to serial or look at the word ghost, then you are likely to take a look.

And, age, the more obvious the feeling.

  Ophthalmology experts at Harbin Medical University said that presbyopia is a natural aging phenomenon.

In addition to the age factor, some objective factors in life are also likely to aggravate the occurrence of presbyopia: presbyopia appears earlier than presbyopia; people who work close to fine work are older; some drugs, such as long-term use compression, anti-depressionPeople who are medicines are also prone to flowers.

In fact, some small tips can alleviate the symptoms of presbyopia and replace the arrival of presbyopia.

  Massage method: After waking up every day, close your eyes and press the middle finger of your hands to press the temple, ring finger to press the middle of the eyebrows, and insert the little finger into the bamboo hole and place it properly.

Every 5 minutes, the eye muscles can be relieved and the eyes are bright.

  The method of transporting eyes: use the blink of an eye to excite the eye muscles, and roll the eyeball up and down to improve the blood circulation of the eye muscles. At the same time, look at each morning and evening, try to look at the green plants, and then look away from the distance.Initially moved closer to improve vision function and regulate eye muscles.

  Hot compress method: When washing your face, soak the towel in hot water, heat it on the forehead and eyelids, and close your eyes to improve eye blood circulation.

  In addition, usually reading a book, the use of the computer can not exceed 40 minutes, every 40 minutes after closing your eyes; you can use the scorpion, grass cassia tea to drink, so as to clear the liver and eyesight effect.