Be wary of the dry temper of autumn, anti-Qiu dry to do these six points

Be wary of the “dry temper” of autumn, anti-Qiu dry to do these six points

Dry mouth, chapped skin, hair loss, hair loss, cold, accidentally respiratory infection, after the fall, the human body is also like this autumn weather, unpredictable, nervous.
In fact, these are all autumn dryness.
  秋燥又分为温燥和凉燥  温燥是属于初秋的燥邪,往往带着夏暑的余热,表现出发热、头痛、干咳少痰、咽干口燥、小便量少、大便干结等症状Coolness is a dry evil in the late autumn, often with cold in the near winter, showing symptoms such as aversion to cold, fever, nasal congestion, pharyngeal itching, cough, head pain, and no sweat.
  ”Dry” is also dry, whether it is warm or dry, because the autumn temperature is still high and windy, no rain, resulting in a large number of human body water, skin, respiratory channels are dry, and thus hurt the lungs.
The following symptoms occur.
  1, the voice is hoarse, easy to cough. The body is short of water, the first manifestation in the mouth and throat, when the symptoms are light, there are problems such as hoarseness, sore throat, mouth ulcers, etc., especially before going to sleep, it is easy to cough, making people unable to sleep.
Some people with poor constitution may have coughed from winter to winter and slowly turned into respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis.
  2, nasal sensitivity In the fall, most people’s nose becomes more sensitive, because the nasal mucosa is particularly dry in the autumn, the capillaries are rich in capillaries, and sometimes a nosebleed will runny nose.
  3, dry skin Autumn skin is the most dry.
If you suddenly start scratching your skin or rubbing your lips with your tongue, it means your skin is starting to run out of water. Soak up some water in the room.
  4, hair is dry and easy to fall Air drying causes people’s blood circulation to worsen, hair follicles can not get enough nutrients, hair will be dry, yellow, and easy to fall.
  5, constipation Excessive evaporation of water in the body, coupled with weakened gastrointestinal function, many people will have dry stool, constipation.
  防秋燥,记住这首打油诗就够了  多次少量,勤喝水  皮肤保湿,别舔嘴  调整心情,不悲秋  滋阴润肺,调饮食  适度锻炼,解秋乏  循序添衣,避风寒  1、多次少量,勤喝水  秋天温度高、湿度低,皮肤、嘴唇、咽喉最易缺水。Drinking water is the most direct and effective method of hydrating.
Drinking water should be mainly cool and white, a small number of times.
  2, skin moisturizing, do not pout the skin is very easy to itching in dry weather, then do not scratch the skin, do not rub dry lips, otherwise it is easy to cause skin chapped.
  In the room, spray water to keep the humidity in time. If necessary, apply moisturizing lotion after bathing. Usually, you can carry a bottle of moisturizing spray. Spray the skin when necessary to keep the skin moist.
  3, adjust the mood, not sad autumn is the so-called injury spring and autumn, the autumn grass is exhausted, the autumn leaves drifting scene is easy to make people feel sad.
Excessive grief makes people’s immunity decline, and various diseases are more likely to get rid of.
  Adjust your mood, communicate with others, and participate in social activities. Autumn is also a harvest season.
  4, nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, adjust the diet Anti-dry heat should eat more food to nourish Yin and lungs, pears, apples, bananas and other fruits and green vegetables have a cooling effect.
Duck meat and sea cucumber are the best products for yin and yin.
At the same time, you should eat less spicy food such as onions, ginger and peppers.
  5, moderate exercise, solution to fall in autumn, people are easy to sleepy, fatigue, qi deficiency, spleen, at this time appropriate sports can solve the lack of autumn.
However, exercise should be moderate, pay attention to hydration during exercise, to maintain a sufficient amount of sleep, work and rest.
  6, step by step to add clothing, shelter from the cold “Spring, autumn and autumn” is a certain reason, the appropriate “autumn frozen” can indeed enhance the heart and lung function, improve people’s ability to resist cold.
However, the “autumn freeze” should also be suitable. The accurate method is to add clothes in order. While doing a good job of preventing cold and warming, it is also necessary to avoid a lot of sweating after sudden temperature rise, otherwise it will be blown by the wind after sweating.It is easy to catch a cold.