10 kinds of food that makes you sleep all night

10 kinds of food that makes you sleep all night

Click to buy Many people think that eating before going to bed is not good for the body, especially women who pay attention to their body. They feel that eating before going to bed is not easy to digest, which will affect their body. In fact, some foods before eating at bed can help to relax before going to bed.Improve sleep quality.

  1, warm milk before going to bed to drink a cup of warm milk to help sleep statement has long been known, because milk contains a tryptophan, it can play a calming effect like amino acids.

Calcium helps the brain make the most of this tryptophan.

Put the mild milk in the bottle, it will bring you a sense of warmth back to childhood, gently tell you “relax, everything is fine.”

  2, banana banana is actually a “sleeping pills” wrapped in peel, in addition to rich in complex amines and N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, but also rich in magnesium to relax muscles.

  3, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea has become the first choice for bedtime tea drinks, mainly because of its soft sleep effect, is the best natural prescription for calming.

  4, honey a lot of sugar has an exciting effect, but a small amount of glucose can timely suggest that the brain secretes orexin (phenyl dihydrobenzazole), which is a newly discovered neurotransmitter related to thinking reaction.

So dropping a few drops of honey into warm milk or vanilla tea also helps to relax before going to bed.

  5, a small baked potato potato will not destroy your gastrointestinal tract, on the contrary it can remove the acid compounds that block the play of hypnosis.

If the mixed warm milk is made into mashed potatoes, the effect will be even better!

  6, oatmeal oatmeal is a very likely bedtime good, containing rich N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.

It is a good idea to cook a small bowl of cereals and add some honey to mix them.

Try to chew your mouth and merge and place your cavity.

  7, almond almonds also contain tryptophan and relax muscles – magnesium.

So eating a small amount of heart-friendly nuts is another trick for hypnosis!

  8, flaxseed flaxseed can be eaten “encouraging natural foods” called Omega-3 and fatty acids.

When your life encounters obstacles and your mood is low, try putting two tablespoons of flaxseed on your oatmeal, which may have unexpected effects.

  9, a whole wheat bread with a toast, with tea and honey, can help the body release an insulin that can make tryptophan reach the human brain and transform it into a complex amine.

It’s like someone whispering in the ear: “It’s time to sleep.”

10, Every turkey on Thanksgiving, people can be fragrant, thanks to the turkey, which is considered to be the best source of tryptophan.

But this is just a modern folklore.

When your stomach is basically fasting rather than full, with a small amount of protein rather than a lot of protein, tryptophan will work.

Put a thin slice of turkey on a few whole wheat breads late at night, maybe you will start your sleep in the kitchen.