Squat for a week, cool for a year!

You must look at this regimen!

Squat for a week, cool for a year!
You must look at this regimen!

People step into the old age, often faltering, backache, knee pain, top-heavy feeling, while high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prostatitis and other diseases will follow.

There are so many elderly people in the old age that we can’t prevent them, so we can’t start.

In fact, these are the symptoms of “reality and emptiness”, that is, the lack of blood and blood, and the lack of blood.

There is a saying that “the old man and the old feet”, a big tree, as long as the roots are not bad, the tree will not wither, so as long as the blood on our feet is sufficient, the blood flow of the whole body will be normal.

The ancients have a daily health care method and a barefoot walking fitness method, which have a good effect on preventing aging.

Today, we tell you a way to kidney, lose weight, big kidney, bloodletting, revitalizing the whole body, effective recovery, and the effective fitness method for everyone, that is, the squat method, also called the knee-knee method.

Can you imagine?

It can actually be healthy, and the effect is amazing!

The squat method can help us to lose weight and relieve pain, reduce stagnant water, fracture bone spurs, back pain, hair loss, high blood pressure caused by dizziness, and long-term medication to protect the liver has a good effect, but alsoLet our spirit have many unexpected gains.

Applicable to people with abdominal distension, people with headaches, people with cold feet, people with insomnia, can try it; others who are upset and worried about anxiety can try it out.

Friends of fractures should not be forced.

1 knees is a wonderful way to draw blood down the blood is not easy to lead to the soles of the feet, then lead to the alignment, to prevent blood rich, not far from the soles of the feet.

In a not too soft bed or on the carpet, walking and walking, the blood will continue to flow inward, constantly through the supply of fresh blood, so that the cold can be dispersed, the effusion can be reduced, swelling and pain can be.

However, if someone has a pain, first squat in a soft bed, gradually move slowly, and will adapt soon, then it will not hurt.

Why do people with all kinds of magical effects of squatting participate in pain?

Why is it worn?

How did the effusion and edema come from?

How can these things appear in no reason?

The positive pole is a joint. If we do the folding action of the lower jaw, it will wear like the bearing.

With the increase of age, the blood is not so much, the blood supply for supplementation is also less, and the alignment is always worn. Therefore, the lubricating oil is especially needed. If the lubricating oil is too much, it will be fine.If it is dry, there will be wear and tear.

At this time, the cold air came in again. In the case of scale, I went to practice, climbed the mountain, and walked a long way, so that I could only wear it more.

This is why many middle-aged and elderly people are getting more and more painful after exercise.

Many people say that exercise is good, and it depends on the circumstances under which they exercise.

If you exercise under the condition that your body is already worn, it can only be worse, and the more you practice, the worse.

Although the knee-yangguan point can relieve pain well, how to make it pain-free is the most fundamental.

Therefore, the way to cure the problem is to let it not wear out from the beginning, let the fresh blood moisten from the beginning.

The best way to get the blood out is to kneel and walk.

At this point, you will find that the blood is running smoothly to the alignment, and when you are walking, you will find that the waist is twisted and the kidneys are filled.

2 knee-knee method can also make up the kidneys while walking and exercising, but also can exercise the waist strength, the waist followed by the twisted kidney is also active!

Ventilation and blood-reinforcing kidneys can do two things at a time. Male compatriots can practice repeatedly on the bed. From 50 to 100 steps a day, they can see their physical strength.

After walking for two or three weeks, you will suddenly discover that the old hair has disappeared.

At the same time, Chinese medicine called the knee as the house of the ribs, and the knee is the house of the ribs.

The liver is also the main tendon, so the knee and knee method is a big method of tonifying the liver. It is equivalent to drinking a few branches of Juju Dihuang Pill oral liquid every day. It doesn’t cost a penny, and it doesn’t matter what the body is. The effect is still so good.

Someone said: “I can’t stop, I went to the photo. The doctor said that I have a lot of bone spurs here. This cockroach is sure that the spurs will tie me and give me a break.”

It is troublesome to tie a hole.

This is a misunderstanding of the bone spurs.Spurs are a natural phenomenon of the human body. Everyone has a bone spur to a certain age.

The spur itself does not cause pain, and the pain is caused by the pressure nerves of the slurry next to the spurs.

When the blood is dispelled, the plasma naturally does not hurt.

But when I went to the photo, I found that there was not much bone spur, and I was still standing there.

There are a lot of “stinging” medicines on the market. In fact, they can’t eliminate bone spurs, and they can only get rid of the congestion next to the bone spurs.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the bone spurs are not eliminated, and it does not hinder us from exercising.

Therefore, the practice of knee and knee exercises does not interfere with our body.

In addition to weight loss and implant pain, complications of stagnant water, broken bone spurs, back pain, and hair loss, you can have a lot of extra gains.

For men and young women who want to lose weight, the knee and knee method is a secret recipe for weight loss, which is faster than “knocking with the pulse”.

This method reduces the excess meat on the thighs most obviously.

To test this method is not good, you go home and take the tape measure first on the thigh, then squat for 20 minutes every day, and then take the tape measure after 3 weeks, surely let you overjoy.

Many people have tried this method, and the effect is very obvious.

The ladies always refused to have excess meat on their laps. Indeed, this is a pile of waste, not muscle.

At this time, we have to introduce new blood and let it absorb the garbage and discharge it, so it can reduce the thigh fat.

Admonish everyone: It will be very painful at the beginning, you must first adapt to a few days, first take a break, first squat first, and then adapt to go.

The following discomfort will occur when you start kneeling, which is also a normal reaction. The following discomfort will occur when you kneel outside, and other exercise methods will do the same.

1, hemp: shows that the gas can come, and the blood can not come.

2, wood: Ma Ma is very powerful, it is wood, blood and gas can not get through.

3, acid: indicates that the meridian is open, but the blood is not enough.

4, bulging: indicates that the gas is very sufficient, such people are angry and physique, if the body’s gas can not go out, it is estimated to swell.

5, pain: simple pain is due to blood stasis.

6, itching: It shows that gas and blood are coming, itching when the wound heals.

It is different from itching.

After you have finished knee and knee exercises, and then practice the Golden Rooster independence, you will suddenly find that you can stand more slender with your eyes closed.

This is because the knee and knee method has already led a lot of blood to the lower limbs, and the lower limbs are powerful, of course, the feet will stand more stable.

With the golden chicken alone, you can bleed the blood to the original hole of the six meridians (liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney, bladder) on the foot, so that the blood will run more durable.

Some people use knee and knees, not 20 minutes a day, sometimes 10 minutes, and soon he went to change glasses when the degree dropped by 50 degrees.

He is in his 30s, why is there such an effect?

Because the knee and knee exercises raise the liver, the liver is the main tendon, and part of it is the tendon, the liver is open to the eye, and the eyes are open.

If you are knocking on the left pericardium while you are walking, the effect will be better.

If you have a high blood pressure friend, you can take a look at the ruler’s point of the lungs, and you will immediately feel clear.

Therefore, the method of learning to prevent disease must be linked to many things. You can’t think that the knee-knee method is just a cure. The acupuncture points on the head are just the heads of the head.

There is a saying called “drinking half a lake, knowing the taste of the river; picking up a leaf, enjoying the cool autumn of the world”, this is the truth.

This way we can learn quickly.

If you can’t build sand into a tower every day, that tower will not accumulate, you have to have a good way to learn the most important things.

In fact, the most crucial method is to connect ideas, think about where to align, and what to manage?

You can do it with a connection.

The above methods are very simple, and the indications are extremely wide. People with abdominal distension, people with headaches, people with cold feet, and people with insomnia can try it out. In addition, people who are upset and worried about anxiety will feel calm after practicing.,Clear mind!