Computer family health and eyesight seven remedies

Computer family health and eyesight seven remedies

Often the loss of the eyes of the computer is particularly large, and the eyes are the window of human soul, so we must take good care of our eyes, do not think that eye protection is a very troublesome thing, in fact, you can also protect your eyes.Very simple!

Do it every day, your eyes will not only eliminate fatigue but also make your eyes brighter.

  First, drink a cup of daisy chrysanthemum cassia seed tea daisy cassia tea: prevent myopia, implant eye diseases.

  Ingredients: Cassia, Chrysanthemum and Ningxia 感觉 can be added according to your own taste.

  Second, the computer family’s anti-stress method There is a neurotransmitter that transmits happy information in the human brain. Serotonin is responsible for transmitting happy and positive information. Every day, the computer is facing the computer, the information in the brain is transmitted too much, and the serotonin is consumed.Too much, causing depression, nervous mood, leading to poor sleep.

Every day, I drink green cockroaches next to the electric annoyance. Because the green cockroach contains aminobutyric acid, it also calms the central nervous system and reduces the worry.

  Third, anti-computer radiation 1.

Dietary nutrition prevention: It has been proven that nutritious food is very effective in preventing computer diseases.

Such as eating more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods that consume vitamins A, C and protein, often drink some green tea and so on.


Wash your face and protect your face: Make skin care before you go online, such as using a pearl film to form a layer on your skin.

001mm pearl film can prevent pollution and radiation of the environment; after the computer is used, a series of particles that will absorb too much electromagnetic radiation should wash the face with water in time, which will reduce the radiation received by more than 70%!


Adding a color filter: When operating the computer, it is best to install a computer-specific filter on the display to reduce the risk of radiation. Do not place any metal objects in the room to avoid the re-emission of electromagnetic waves.

When using a computer, it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the brightness of the screen is lowered, and the electromagnetic radiation is stronger, and vice versa.

However, it can’t be adjusted too dark, so as not to affect the effect because the brightness is too small, and it is easy to cause eye fatigue.


Use a new computer: You can use your new computer.

The radiation of the old computer is at the same distance, and under the same kind of additional conditions, it is generally 1-2 times that of the new computer.


Computer location and ventilation: The computer and the person’s position must be at least 50 cm to 75 cm away, which can reduce the damage of electromagnetic radiation.

Indoor ventilation, computer-generated brominated dibenzofuran is a carcinogen.


Flower defense: Put a few pots of cactus and other flowers next to the computer, which is both beautiful and effective to absorb radiation.

  How do you see your eyes dry and how can you relieve fatigue?

Many netizens’ eye-opening remedies, how do experts think?

  Partial one: hot towel for 10 minutes expert reminder: hot compress can promote eye blood circulation, help the recovery of meibomian gland function, prevent dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction.

  Part II: Eye Drops Experts Remind: Whether the eye drops can moisturize the eye, it depends on two points, one is the syrup ingredient, and the other is the frequency of the drop syrup.

Eye drops of certain ingredients are not suitable for healthy eyes. If there is eye disease, symptomatic treatment is more necessary.

A suitable eye drop is too diligent and may hurt your eyes.

  Remedies three: often drink green tea, oolong tea or Tieguanyin experts remind: tea is rich in carotene, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, vitamin A has health care for people who often come into contact with computers, not only can reduce the harm of computer radiation on the human bodyIt can also prevent dry eye syndrome.

  Remedy four: yawn, with sour plum experts remind: use yawning tears and moisturizing eyes is certainly feasible, but not want to play can hit.

Some people have reported that it is a good way to stimulate the tears in the mouth.

  Part Five: Eye Health Exercise Expert Reminder: It can promote eye blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue.

  Remedy 6: Apply eye cream experts to remind: not all eye creams can moisturize, some inferior or special ingredients eye cream may irritate the eyes.

Pay attention to the ingredients of eye cream and eye drops.

  Remedy seven: warm water rinse eye expert reminder: pay attention to ensure that the water is clean, otherwise not enough clean water can cause eye disease.